centerline/ - Training for Project Management and Social Skills

Project Management and Social Skills

Knowledge is an investment that pays off in every possible way. The unique centerline/ Training program offers you the latest experience-based knowledge in the areas of project management and social competence with direct practical relevance – online and offline. 

The trainings can be conducted separately or in combination with other training courses. The content is custom-tailored to the needs of the participants.

Whether in Person or Online, centerline/ Provides You with Everything for the Success of Your Project and Company.


Essential know-how for the perfect start into classic and agile project management

Paradigm Shifters

Advanced knowledge that puts you one step ahead

Personal Development

With empathy and know-how, we empower people to strengthen both themselves and companies


Preparation courses for certifications and re-certifications


In these trainings, we focus on fundamental classic project management knowledge that is necessary and applicable during the entire project – from its start to its completion.


You think agility is just another word for a lack of plan? The Agile Essential Trainings prove you wrong. They create clarity to this term and impart valuable knowledge about agile project management.

Paradigm Shifters

There are many providers offering seminars on the basics of project management. The centerline/ Paradigm Shifters, however, go into depth. They contain special knowledge and can be conducted individually or in combination with each other or with Essential Trainings.

Personal Development

These trainings are not about creating a new you, they are about individuality, growth and empowerment. To support you in the best possible way, the training content is tailored to you, to the needs of the participants.


In collaboration with the Project Management Institute®, the International Project Management Association® and SCRUMStudy, you have the chance to take preparatory courses for (re)certification at centerline/.