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Plan and Start Projects


If projects are not set up professionally right from the start, difficulties are likely to arise during the entire project. To avoid this, an adequate planning phase and start process are required. These include, among other things, the internal project assignment as well as the definition of project boundaries, objectives and the project organization. Furthermore, structuring and planning of the entire project is necessary in order to create a good foundation for later controlling. 

That's exactly what the training "plan and start projects" is about. The content will help you to understand and apply the project management basics. The theoretical inputs are supplemented by practical case studies and examples from centerline/ consultants.



Project Management Basics

  • Project definition, project types, project complexity
  • Process-oriented project management approach
  • Project quality and success criteria
  • Project flow (initiation, start, controlling, completion)
  • Project assignment (project worthiness, project assignment, project objectives)


Project Planning

  • Project boundaries, context analysis and stakeholder analysis
  • Scope planning (result planning and work breakdown structure)
  • Scheduling (milestone plan, Gantt chart and cross-linked Gantt chart, critical path, float)
  • Cost and resource planning
  • Project organization and communication
  • Project risk management


Project Start

  • Design of start process
  • Project kick-off event and project sponsor meeting)
  • Establishment of a project culture


Target Group

  • Project Managers
  • Project (Core) Team Members 
  • Executives



3 days as in-house training or 5 x 0.5 days as online training