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Self-Management - A Guide to Change


Personal changes can be planned and implemented systematically. Many people take it upon themselves to make professional changes,

  • to work more purposefully on their own career goals,
  • to expand their leadership styles
  • work more effectively and efficiently, and/or
  • change habits.

Only rarely do they succeed in stably integrating the new patterns of action and conviction into their lives. Successful self-change is a long-term process that takes place in several phases.

centerline/ supports people who want to change in all steps of this process, because there are no "shortcuts" to success. Using methods from systemic coaching, centerline/ guides you safely through challenging phases of change and helps you to anchor the new behavior in everyday life through consistent support.


Target Group

  • Executives
  • Project Managers
  • Line Managers
  • Project Team Members



2 days as in-house training or 4 x 0.5 days as online training