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Control and Complete Projects


After a successful project start, the project must be implemented and controlled in a targeted manner. This includes coordinated and structured communication as well as an efficient controlling process. The project conclusion, including lessons learned, must also be planned in order to gain a sustainable learning curve for subsequent projects.

This Training builds on the contents of the training "plan and start projects" and will help you to deepen your understanding and skills in project execution, especially in project controlling and project completion. The theoretical inputs are complemented by practical case studies and examples from centerline/ consultants.




  • Processes of the project-oriented organization
  • Reporting in single-project and multi-project management
  • Project coordination, project communication structures
  • Project controlling cycle (controlling, steering, rescheduling)


Project Controlling Process

  • Actual/target comparison of deliverables, deadlines, resources and costs
  • Controlling of project organization and project environment relations
  • Update of project plans & progress reports
  • Definition of criteria for assessment of project progress
  • Controlling of risks and opportunities in a project
  • Project coordination process
  • Reporting of project progress and determination of status 
  • Project sponsor meeting and action planning


Project Completion Process

  • Design and execution of the project completion process
  • Analysis of projects, learning from projects
  • Development of reference values and benchmarks
  • Importance of the final project sponsor meeting


Target Group

  • Project Managers
  • Project (Core) Team Members 
  • Executives



2 days as in-house training or 4 x 0.5 days as online training