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Success Story: Global Project Management Curriculum

Global Project Management Curriculum for One of the Largest German Plant Engineering Companies

In fall of 2019, one of the largest plant manufacturers from the Central European region was looking for a partner to put its entire project manager training on a new footing worldwide.


Initial Situation

After the tender and a selection process, centerline/ was chosen. Decisive selection criteria were:

  • Many years of experience in the field of international industrial plant and equipment construction.
  • The requirement to be able to train a large number of employees in very short periods of time and worldwide.
  • To gear the entire training specifically to the plant manufacturer and at the same time to provide for PMP certification

In January 2020, centerline/ started designing the curriculum together with the customer. 


Key Features of the Training Program

  • All relevant target groups working in projects – from core team members and project managers to sales staff and management representatives – were taken into account right from the start.
  • The content and training styles were very precisely aligned with the respective target groups and based on the project management career model.
  • In addition to content specific to plant engineering on project, risk, contract and claim management, relevant topics on social skills were woven in. Furthermore, training modules were designed that deal with the main phases of Engineering-Procurement-Construction-Commissioning as well as the typical content-related interfaces of these processes, the management requirements and the risks in EPCC projects.
  • All business areas were taken into account - from mechanical engineering and furnace construction to various industrial plant engineering sectors with predominantly EPC and EPCC turnkey projects with order volumes of up to several billion euros.
  • A separate program was set up for site managers which, in addition to the above-mentioned topics, also covered site-specific content – such as Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) and was concluded with internal certification.
  • The PMP certification preparation was integrated by centerline/ into the training process and the career system (for more information, see the blog post centerline/ is Authorized Training Partner of PMI®).
  • Since generally all employees of a project-oriented company are involved in projects in some form, relevant project management content was created as e-learning. These e-learning formats are available to all employees and serve as an "entrance ticket" to the project management curriculum for the above mentioned target groups (PM, Sales, Management, Core Team Members).
  • In March 2020, Europe was also hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, new challenges had to be met. After a short period of shock, caused by the "lockdowns", which were unknown in Europe until then, it was decided to continue the conception and to conduct the training online until further notice. Thus, the trainings could be started without delay.

Until June 2022, more than 250 people (including around 150 project managers) have been trained worldwide; the training language is, of course, English. In the meantime, various training modules have been converted to on-site training, while others are deliberately being continued in an online format.


Weekly Meetings for a Strong Communication and Feedback

Tightly timed, weekly communication meetings were arranged with the customer, at which feedback and adaptations to the ongoing training were discussed in addition to organizational topics. Adaptations are implemented immediately, which leads to very good feedback and a high level of satisfaction across the board.

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