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Success Story: External PMO

Support of a Project for the Development of a Cross-City Server Infrastructure

Immediately before the Sars-Cov-2 pandemic, centerline/ was commissioned to accompany a project to build a cross-city server infrastructure for a so-called Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN). This network will be used as the basis for various applications ("use cases") in the field of IoT ("Internet of Things") and is therefore an important building block for advancing digitization in Austria.


Realization as an Online Project

The entire project launch phase took place in the first lockdown in Austria in spring 2020 and was carried out entirely online. It was certainly an advantage that parts of the team, which was spread across several cities and energy supply companies, already knew each other personally beforehand.

In the entire two years of the pandemic, the project team met only twice physically at different locations; the rest of the project was conducted exclusively online. Procurement and commissioning of the first server has already been successfully completed (schedule delays due to pandemic-related delivery delays included), and geo-redundancy build-out is currently underway (as of May 2022).


Cooperation with centerline/

centerline/ provides the Project Management Office (PMO) for this project and is responsible for professional project management. This includes the organization and implementation of the project start process, the complete project planning as well as the ongoing project controlling including reporting. This enables the project team to concentrate on the project in terms of content and technology. 

The moderation of the ongoing project meetings including the periodic project steering committee meetings, in which the project team reports to the executives of the participating companies, is also handled by centerline/.

The Project Management Office (consisting of a junior consultant and a senior consultant) works closely with the team members of the participating companies. The project can be described as a showcase project for how to drive digitization in Austria and at the same time exploit all the digital means available today for this purpose. 

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