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Success Story: Company Analysis

Analysis of an Austrian Mechanical Engineering Company

In spring 2022, a centerline/ consulting team was commissioned by an Austrian mechanical engineering company to conduct an independent analysis of both the organizational structure (line functions) and the process organization (project organization and processes).


Purpose of the Analysis

The analysis was initiated by the customer in order to

  • to record the current processing of customer orders,
  • to subject them to a critical review and to obtain
  • to obtain recommendations for action and improvement proposals for processing.


How Did the Consulting Team Proceed Specifically?

Structured individual interviews were conducted with employees from the areas of sales, project planning (application engineering), order processing (PM), design, work preparation, purchasing, production, assembly and commissioning.

For each area of value creation, detailed questions on technical, organizational, commercial topics and project management were asked and discussed.



Based on this, a detailed analysis report was prepared, including recommendations for changes. So-called "quick wins" were developed in order to be able to make modifications as quickly as possible.

After completion of the analysis, centerline/ was commissioned for further consulting activities for the conception and implementation of a project management professionalization. 

The consulting team also benefited: This assignment turned out to be a good opportunity to further expand the know-how transfer from senior consultant to junior consultant and to pass on the practical experience.

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