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Risk Management

Every project carries risks.

Working in projects is not possible without risks, because the future and the effect of actions cannot be predicted with certainty. Risk management creates transparency with regard to prevailing risks.

In the course of risk workshops, centerline/ identifies and evaluates these together with the project team and defines preventive and/or corrective measures. Our consultants take over the workshop planning and moderation. As a final result, a written and comprehensive risk analysis can be agreed upon.

Even during project execution, possible scenarios for the further course of the project can be identified by periodically reviewing the current project situation. With the involvement of all relevant stakeholders, centerline/ develops measures to steer the project in the direction of a best-case scenario for all contracting parties.


By the way: In the Risk and Opportunity Management training, we train experienced project team members and project managers on how to proactively manage risks in order to achieve project objectives and, at the same time, identify opportunities that they can use for even greater project success.