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Extension of Value Creation Process in Mechanical Manufacturing


For many mechanical engineering companies, implementing their first EPC (engineering, procurement, construction) projects is a financial and technical gamble of particular proportions: it is not uncommon for initial attempts to result in unplanned additional costs, extended project lead times and generally higher resource consumption.

What is needed is a professional extension of the existing value creation process. centerline/ advises you on the first steps, develops the necessary processes for managing EPC projects and implements them with your employees. Training for management and staff anchors the new structures and ensures sustainable business success despite the increasing complexity of orders.


Target Group

  • Team Leaders
  • Project Managers
  • Line Managers


In line with this transformation service, centerline/ offers the training Project Management in EPC-Projects. It was designed to support employees in changing their mindset in the handling of EPC projects from a technically oriented to an organizational view and to design processes in industrial plant and plant construction companies in a process-optimized manner.