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Deviation Management


Due to contractual obligations, deviations often occur during the execution of a project: If these are initiated by a contractual partner, they are referred to as change requests. If one party to the contract suffers a loss due to non-compliance with the contract and makes demands as a result of the deviation, this is referred to as a claim.

Both change requests and claims can have major legal, financial, technical, and personnel implications and present promising opportunities or difficult challenges, depending on the position in the contract constellation.

Professional deviation management is needed in order to be able to

  • to be able to implement preventive measures
  • identify critical situations at an early stage and initiate appropriate countermeasures, and 
  • to create a standardized approach for efficient handling of deviations and their effects.


centerline/s Support

We support you in an advisory capacity during the implementation of a deviation management. In close cooperation with experienced lawyers, centerline/ can already be involved in the drafting of contracts in order to define clauses for change request and claim management in the best possible way. Furthermore, we support contract analyses to ensure that existing contract clauses are understood and formally implemented and adhered to.

Independent of the consulting services, there is the possibility to request a training for Contract, Claim and Change Request Management. It provides basic knowledge and sharpens the understanding of the importance of deviation management in projects.