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Contract, Claim and Change Request Management

Design contracts, manage deviations and changes

Contract management is an important task of project management. It regulates agreements between internal and external stakeholders. It is therefore essential for project managers and project team members to know the basic terms of contract, claim and change request management.

If changes in the project are not clarified before they are implemented, consequences have to be negotiated and allocated afterwards. In the case of deviations, this is referred to as claims. In the project business, claims management is part of the toolkit of both the client and the contractor. The aim is to clarify by mutual agreement the commercial consequences of events in the course of the project that could not be foreseen when the contract was signed. If a deviation or change causes additional costs, the project result is altered or the final deadline is postponed, the disadvantaged project partners will usually make subsequent demands (claims) to the parties responsible. In this training, you will learn to enter into a claim negotiation in a structured manner and to conclude it with a good negotiation result.

centerline/ provides you with basic knowledge of contract, claim and change request management and sharpens your understanding of the importance of claim management in your projects.



Basics of Contract Management

  • Contract design and contract structure
  • Contract analysis and contract review 
  • Specific and critical contract clauses (quality, schedule, cost)


Deviation Management (Change Requests and Claims)

  • Definition of terms
  • Change request process (formal execution, response times, evaluation procedures, data and information paths)
  • Design Freeze, Design Review, Approval / Change Request 
  • Evaluation of Change Requests according to product maturity or value added
  • Claim management process
  • Definition of claim basis based on contract
  • Establishment, defense and negotiation of claims


Target Group

  • Project Team Members
  • Project Managers



2 days as in-house training and 4 x 0.5 days as online training