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Project Analysis


The goal of a project analysis is to get a neutral view on the project from the outside in order to identify optimization potentials. centerline/ offers well-founded analyses in different depths for various use cases, from quick quality checks to forensic analysis of crisis projects.

  • The Quality Check is used when it is necessary to quickly clarify whether and how internal project management requirements are consistently met.
  • Project reviews are classic project analysis with the focus on determining the quality of project management as well as its strengths and potential for improvement. These reviews can be conducted at all stages of a project.
  • Forensic project analysis goes even deeper, where the entire chronology of a project is reviewed in detail. This form of analysis is used to prepare for legal proceedings or serve as a basis for decisions by owners or board members.
  • A special form is the Site Management Review - here the focus is on the quality of site management. The interfaces to the upstream processes "Sales - Project Start - Engineering" and "Procurement" are also included and considered.