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Process Management

What distinguishes companies with well-functioning processes from those with ineffective ones?

Process management makes a significant contribution to achieving the strategic and operational goals of the company. The challenge is to recognize and take into account the interdependencies and often conflicts between the organizational structure and the process organization. This means that changes in the workflows (processes) inevitably lead to adjustments in the hierarchical structure.

Since the focus is on meeting the needs of customers and other stakeholders, professional process management means a real competitive factor. centerline/ views process management as an integrated system of leadership, organization and controlling for managing business processes and fills this with concepts, models and methods – indeed fills it with life.


Turning those affected into participants

The implementation of developed processes is one of the most difficult tasks in corporate management. An implementation plan is developed together with centerline/'s process management experts and with the involvement of those involved in the process. Close support during the roll-out ensures the success of the change measures.