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Conflict Resolution and Mediation

Unresolved conflicts have a strong impact on the individuals and organizations involved.

Communication and the exchange of information decrease, mental health can suffer, and achieving the objectives of projects that are already under time and cost pressure becomes even more difficult.

In such situations, professional mediation (conflict resolution procedures) can facilitate conflict resolution. These are led by Alexander Kogler, a mediator registered with the Austrian Ministry of Justice. The result of this can be reconciliation, a formal agreement or even a regulated separation.

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We conduct mediations between:

  • Employees
  • Employees and supervisors
  • Executives 
  • Project team members
  • Teams
  • Companies (e.g. out-of-court dispute resolution in a project)

Conflicts within groups and between teams require special mediation. In this process, not only the person as an individual is perceived, but also in his or her social network. The interaction and conflict resolution competence within a team and also between teams is increased by creating a new basis for discussion.

Konfliktklärung und Mediation