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training in social competence

Both in PMI® and IPMA® project management world, the field of social competence is given high priority by project managers. In the meantime, it is no longer a secret that the majority of projects are not spinning due to methodological weaknesses, but because of deficits in the social competences of project managers or team members and the lack of team development.

Team mit fünf Personen schlagen die Hände zusammen - five persons in a Team give hihg five.

Centerline Management Consulting offers, in addition to a well-founded methodological training program, an extensive program for the expansion of social competences. The knowledge transfer is not only offered in a classic way as like open and in-house seminars, but also through offers in the area of ​​personality diagnosis and team development in specific projects. For this reason, we have the following training courses in the field of social competence:

leading project teams

Learning and exploring lateral leading behavior

In this module you will learn how to motivate and guide your project team effectively, without hierarchical power, and how you can motivate the project team for the project. You will find practical instructions for the development of your project team.

conflict management in projects

manage conflicts in the project team professionally

In this module you will learn how to extend your competence for conflict management in projects and learn appropriate techniques in dealing with conflict situations.

Everything DiSC® personality profile

Identify and use your own strengths through a DiSC® profile analysis

In this module you will be able to see which behavior you are tending to (D, i, S or C), and which situations are more or less stressful for you.

Everything DiSC® productive conflict

DiSC® styles help to handle conflicts

In this module you will learn how to understand other peoples conflict behaviors based on their DiSC® styles.

Five Behaviors Team Development

Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ is a leading team development program

In this module you will learn how to increase the effectiveness and productivity of your team.

successful selling in plant engineering

strategic sales und stakeholder management

In this module you will learn about basic selling skills like buying, decision-making, strategy and tactics.

communication in projects

communicate confidently, successfully moderate and convincingly present

In this module you will learn about the risks inherent in your projects, how to make them manageable, identify and evaluate risks and initiate action planning. Learn how to create the balancing act between project management and moderation and visualize your presentation as well as your messages.

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