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Centerline Management Consulting offers, in addition to a well-founded methodological training program, an extensive online-program for the expansion of social competences. The knowledge transfer is not only offered in a classic way as like open and in-house seminars, but also through offers in the area of ​​personality diagnosis and team development in specific projects.

Trainings Sozialkompetenz Online

Following online training courses in the field of social competence are available:

Accountability at Work

Holding project team members accountable for results

In this module you will examine your current attitudes toward and approaches to accountability. Additionally, you will explore the dynamics of accountability and learn the behaviors and practices that set the foundation for a culture of accountability on a team or in an organization.

Delegation for Success


In this module you will discuss the importance of delegation for the success of individuals, leaders and teams. You will also gain valuable knowledge about best delegation methods and practices.

Leading Teams

Make a project team more cohesive and improve ist performance

In this module you will learn about five behaviours that underlie team cohesiveness and performance. You will also learn how to focus on behaviors that strengthen the team and how to improve its performance.

Leading Virtual Teams


In this module challenges that can arise when managing virtual team members will be discussed. In addition, you will explore the dynamics of high-performing teams in the context of virtual/remote-worker situations.

Effective Feedback


In this module you will learn how important good and frequent feedback is for everyone involved including project or team leaders in an organization.

Emotional Intelligence

Recognize and manage feelings and respond to the behaviors of others

In this module you will learn the role of emotional intelligence in effective project and team leadership. Strategies for dealing with your emotions and those of others in the team will be developed.

Teams and Trust

Trust as a fundamental element for collaboration

In this module you will learn to understand your personal leadership style and learn how to create an environment of trust based leadership.

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