customized training concepts

Through our trainings, we want to ensure a maximum skill transfer and practical benefit for our customers. This is based on our assumption that, in the context of a company, the greatest learning experience of any training is achieved if

  • a training is adapted to the target group, both in regard to content and didactically
  • a training is adapted to the company’s specific needs
  • a training includes theory and practical elements in order to support, if possible, all different types of learners

This sets our training concepts apart from standard PM trainings. No other provider on the German market supplies such a high level of adaptability to your needs.

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customized trainings concepts adapted to your needs

How do we operate?

After an initial meeting, which we use for receiving a very comprehensive picture of the company, of the target group and of the general conditions, we prepare a basic concept, which serves as a basis for adapting and defining the training concept together with the client. Therefore, we draw upon in-depth training and consulting experience in the mechanical engineering, industrial plant construction, automotive and industrial sectors.

Usually, we need one or two one-day concept workshops with our clients. From the customer’s side, representatives from the HR, from the specialist department and ideally also from the target groups attend these workshops.

Typical topics during the joint concept creation:

  • Thematic focuses are specified
  • Didactic methods are specified (class room, online, blended)
  • Integration of customer-specific documents, templates or regulations
  • Integration of in-house specialists
  • Precise timing and organization related agreements
  • Exact definition of feedback processes
  • Concepts for checking the effectiveness of the knowledge transfer
  • Long-term surveys regarding the knowledge transfer

On request, we also do the entire arrangement and administration of seminars for you.

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We create a customozed training concept for you!

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