Successful project-handover

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Learning goal

  • Understanding that the Project handover as one of the very important process steps to transfer all important issue from the sales phase to the project execution phase. Furthermore it’s an important precondition to execute an professional project start process.
  • Ideally the handover process is defined as overlapping process between the sales and the project execution phase, which should be pushed from both parties
  • To Improve the handover process in the projects to optimize the knowhow transfer between both processes of project
  • Create your awareness for the importance of the handover process


From Sale to Project Execution: This seminar shows an ideal handover process and how it is designed as an overlapping process between the sales and the project execution phase, which should be pushed from both parties:

  • Especially in the plant building industry the sales phase takes long time, and many loops are necessary to finalize the offer, explain the contractual expectation to the customer, and negotiate the contract.
  • The sales phase normally consists of the “inquiry Period” the “technical evaluation” followed by the “Bid “No-Bid decision”. In case bid, the detailed technical, commercial (costs and calculation) legal and contractual activities are necessary to reach the goal to the invitation from the customer for the final negotiation and contract signing.
  • This time period could be driven also by a lot of revisions in all documents which are supporting or are attachments to the contract. Also, in many cases the people which ae in charge are coming from different organizational departments and may be also entities.
  • In the global plant building business, it’s mandatory in the meanwhile, that in the sales period we have to create to so called “Project Execution concept” to get the best scope, quality for the best price to be successful and win the order/contract.
  • Parallel the first stakeholder -, and risk evaluation should be prepared in the sales phase, to evaluate the chances and risks behind the different interests.
  • Due to all these aspects, the handover process is one of the preconditions to execute a proper Start Up of the execution of the project.

Seminar facts:

Language: English

Seminar documents: English

Duration: 2 hours

2 alternative seminar dates are available for your selection:

19. april 2021 from 02:00 – 04:00 p.m.
24. september 2021 from 09:00 – 11:00 a.m.

Price per date and per participant:  90,00 € (excl. VAT)

Details and technical requirements

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