PRINCE2® (Projects In Controlled Environments) Foundation exam preparation online course 360 days excl. exam fee

High-Quality Videos

Simulated Tests
4 full-length simulated practice tests (75 questions)

Online Study Material
Different formats of study materials like study guides, terms and concepts, case study, white paper

Chapter Tests
Up to 700 questions to check the student’s proficiency

Mobile Applications
Mobile applications to provide student access to preparatory material on the go

The Online Prep Module has been prepared by PMstudy.

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Reasons to take this course: PRINCE2 (Projects in Controlled Environments), is a widely used project management method that navigates you through all the essentials for running a successful project. The development of PRINCE2 from the earlier PRINCE method was driven by user based improvements, project management specialists and a review panel of 150 public and private sector organizations. This end result is a generic best practice tool which is flexible enough to be tailored to your organization and used successfully for all types of project.

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