Start process and project planning

Learning goal

Activities, Events and Results of the start process (PM Baseline as major result)

  • Understand the importance of the start process as one of the most important process steps in the entire project
  • To learn about the different phase of the start process
  • To structure the Start process according the activities, results and necessary events
  • To develop and establish the baseline according the complexity of the project
  • About the definition of the project objective & non objectives and set up of the project assignment
  • Get to know the main steps in the teambuilding process in the Start up process


The project start process which follow the handover process is one of the most important process steps in the project. Especially in the EPC Projects many decisions have to be done in this process step, and ends up in the “Project Execution Plan” (PEG) or as defined in the IPMA – Standard, as PM Baseline.

The content, activities and results of these Planning is mainly also linked to the complexity of the project, and again in the EPC Projects, which scope is defined in the signed contract with the customer.

Due to the fact that the amount of Planning in EPC Projects could be huge, some companies but in place the so called “Early project start process” to loose not too much time to get the necessary planning results. In this case they start with the rough planning in the sales phase, or in the handover phase of the project.

The seminar describes the main areas of:

    • The assignment of the project manager and definition of project objectives & non objectives
    • The definition of the project complexity and main structure of start process
    • The definition of the content of the PM Baseline (Planning)
    • The main phases of the start process, structured in the:
    • Events in the start process (e.g. “Kick off Meeting” / KOM)
    • Activities in the start process (e.g. Contract-, Risk analysis)
    • Results & Documents in the start process (e.g. Project charter & PM Baseline/Handbook)

Seminar facts:

Language: English

Seminar documents: English

Duration: 2 x 2 hours

2  seminar blocks are available for your selection:

Spring date: 18. may 2021 and 20. may 2021, always from 03:00 – 05:00 p.m.
Autumn date: 22. october 2021 and 5. november 2021, always from 09:00 – 11:00 a.m.

Price per seminar block and per participant:  180,00 € (excl. VAT)


Details and technical requirements

  • Access to the online training is via web browser or app
  • Access data will be sent to all participants by Centerline Management Consulting
  • Compatible operating systems: Windows, iOS and Android
  • Recommended hardware for participants:
    – Headset with microphone to ensure optimal sound quality for all participants
    – Camera (on laptop/PC or mobile phone)