How to plan commissioning and final acceptance

Learning goal

  • To force the understanding that the whole acceptance process and procedures are also a strong part in the contract definition, and finishing in the end phase of the project life cycle to get the confirmation and acceptance from the end customer. We have to fulfillment the contractual of our obligations, related to the technical parameters of the machine or plant.
  • To realize that we are in the EPC Project responsible from the engineering up to the construction for our deliverables, and commissioning phase and we have to survive in the acceptance process, to start the guarantee period.
  • To learn also in case of part deliveries or specific parts-, areas are supplied by externals or third parties, its much more complex to get the final approval / acceptance for the entire plant.
  • To learn what are the precondition for the successful acceptance planning and execution
  • To know which documents are important for the different steps of the acceptance procedure
  • To know about the logic of the timeline of the acceptance procedure in different industries
  • To know how to deal with part-Acceptance and to deal with the open point or punch list.
  • To learn also the steps of the acceptance procedures and the transfer of responsibility from suppler to the customer


Many times, the technical completion is one of the pre-conditions which have to be fulfilled, before we can ask the customer to start the acceptance procedure and the commissioning of the plant.

In addition, the deliverable of the documentation is one of the requirements to start the individual acceptance steps together with the customer. All this pre-condition should be mentioned very clear and precise in the contract, to avoid later on miss understanding or discussions on the acceptance process of the plant.

Important is also to define the status of the customer about the readiness for the acceptance procedure from his side. The formal outfit, the templates and official letters must be synchronized many times with the customer upfront or they are mentioned somewhere in the contract. For the supplier is also important which personal from the customer is involved in the acceptance process.

If third parties are involved (e.g. TÜV or HSE representatives or QA/QC people from quality departments) this should be clarified on an early stage of the project to organize also this process steps together with them.


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