Project management in mechanical and plant engineering

Seminar program 2019/2020

The tailor-made project management trainings are aimed for managers and employees from companies involved in technical projects.

The internal and open seminars from Centerline Management Consulting are specially designed to meet the requirements of the target groups industrial plant construction, industry, mechanical engineering, automotive as well as construction and infrastructure. In addition to a well-founded methodical training program, the program also includes a comprehensive range of social skills development courses.

In the seminar program 2019/2020 you will find all topics and highlights on employees further education.

Practical Trainings

We offer you a tailor-made training concept for training and further education. Trainers and consultants with many years of practical experience in an industrial environment adapt the seminar focus to your needs. We also offer all our services in German, English, Spanish, French and Mandarin.

All trainings are also held as online trainings.

An individual program for you and your team will be offered.

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We create a tailor-made training programme for you.

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