market environment - construction and infrastructure

Special challenges exist due to varying construction volumes and increasing complexity of construction projects, in particular caused by increased consideration of the total life cycle of a building incl. energy management and energy efficiency.

If the national or regional governments act as builders, construction projects in the public sector are under enormous public pressure. The complexity mainly arises through difficult public procurement processes, as well as through the demand to stay within the triple constraint.

specific solutions

  • Advice on contractual issues in procurement processes
  • Building counseling for an optimal project management
  • Project management services in the project implementation
  • Contract and claim management in the project execution phase
  • Project risk management and crisis resolution management
  • Stakeholder management and public relations management

reference example


A global company operating worldwide in the field of logistics solutions (high-bay warehouse) for the manufacturing industry and the logistics industry.


We performed an analysis of project management (single and multi-project management) during the 12-month collaboration with the client.

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