ICC Seminar - Projektcontrolling and progress performance control

Early detection of deviations and crisis potential are the ups and downs of complex projects. In addition to a clearly structured controlling process that goes far beyond pure cost controlling, it is also necessary to implement appropriate communication and reporting structures in the project and to find a compromise between project controlling and accuracy. The topic of service progress in projects is one of the most important and difficult, but also the basis for scheduling and cost controlling. In addition to controlling the triple constraints, risks, claims and stakeholders must also be subjected to appropriate controls during the course of the project and incorporated into the controlling process accordingly.

Date: march 27th 2019

Time: 9 am to 5 pm

Wirtschaftskammer Österreich
Wiedner Hauptstrasse 63
1040 Wien

Info: Projektcontrolling und Leistungsfortschrittskontrolle (GERMAN)