AC Kooperation CMC 2022 EN

Project management processes in automotive projects


The participants are familiar with the essential project management processes (project start, project controlling and project completion). They are familiar with the importance of a professional project start process, the approach and specific use of project management methods in project controlling and the important learning opportunity in project completion. The specific automotive context in the design of the project management processes is taken into account in the seminar design.


  • Introduction to process-oriented project management
  • Forms of communication in project start, project controlling and project completion processes
  • Description Project Start Process
  • Planning, preparation, implementation and post-processing of project start workshops
  • Specifics of automotive projects in the project start process
  • Project controlling approach and project controlling cycle
  • Description of the project controlling process
  • Integrated controlling of services, deadlines, resources and costs
  • Social project controlling
  • Results of the project controlling process: project progress report and optimization of the project manual
  • IT support in project controlling
  • Specifics of automotive projects in the project controlling process
  • Project Completion Process and Project Completion Workshop
  • Project completion as an opportunity for organisational learning
  • Specifics of automotive projects in the project completion process

Speaker: DI Alexander H. Kogler (Managing Partner Centerline Management Consulting GmbH),

Date: 4th – 6th april 2022

Location: Gasthof Fischer Welser Straße 14, 4614 Marchtrenk

Alexander Kogler

Alexander Kogler, Managing Partner of Centerline Management Consulting, is speaker at the seminar “Projectmanagement processes in automotive projects”.