AC Kooperation CMC 2022 EN

Project management methods and tools in automotive projects


The participants know the essential methods and tools of project planning and project organization and are able to use them project-specifically. Through “training on the project” (training on concrete projects of the participants) the participants have tested the presented methods in automotive practice. Through the mutual exchange of experience, complementary learning took place among the participants.


  • Organization of projects
  • Project concept, project types, project orientation, project management approach
  • Methods of project delimitation and context analysis
  • Roles in the project, requirements for project managers and project team members
  • Basic forms of project organisation and project culture
  • Methods of project planning and project control
  • Performance planning by means of result and project structure plan
  • Scheduling (milestone plan, bar chart, etc.)
  • Methods of resource planning and cost planning
  • Forms of project documentation
  • EDP use in projects
  • Risk management in projects

Speaker: DI Alexander H. Kogler (Managing Partner Centerline Management Consulting GmbH)

Date:  31. january – 02. february 2022, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Ort: Gasthof Fischer Welser Straße 14, 4614 Marchtrenk

Alexander Kogler


Alexander Kogler, Managing Partner at Centerline Management Consulting, is speaker at the seminar “Project management methods and tools in automotive projects”.