Claim and contract management

Seminar within the course "Certified Project Manager Automotive"

“Good advice is expensive, bad advice is priceless”
The participants get to know the basic concepts of claim and contract management. In addition to the instruments of contract and claim management, you will learn what role claim management plays in the project management processes of project start, controlling and conclusion.


  • Definition of the basic terms Claim, Claim Management, Contract, Contract Management
  • Instruments and aids in claim management
  • Discussion of practical examples of claims
  • Claim management in project management processes
  • The Claim Management Process (Avoidance, Prevention, Coping, Setup)
  • Documentation and organization in claim management in projects

Date: March 31st – April 1st, 2020

Location: Marchtrenk

The complete program of the course “Certified Project Manager Automotive” can be found here: PM Course Program

Alexander Kogler

Alexander Kogler, Managing Partner Centerline Management Consulting, is speaker at the seminar “Claim and contract management”.