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Contract Management

centerline/ empowers projects not only with technical expertise, but also with contractual and legal know-how.

centerline/ supports companies together with experienced lawyers in the following subject areas:

  • Tender or bidding process
  • Contract design
  • Contract negotiation
  • Contract analyses 
  • Contract reviews 


Your Benefit

Thanks to an independent and impartial view from the outside, centerline/'s consultants are able to bring clarity to contractual matters. Together with the parties involved, they identify strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and risks, potential for optimization and improvement, establishing a basis for

  • the further design of the contract,
  • clear procedures in execution and deviation management, 
  • future contracts based on lessons learned and
  • crisis management strategies.


Key Principles of centerline/

We examine contracts from as many perspectives as possible. Different disciplines are taken into account, as are the various contractual partners. Contracts are also analyzed for their social impact within the company and between the contracting parties.

Only if the interests of all contractual partners are fairly reflected in the contract the basis for a successful project execution has been established. Excessively one-sided contracts or strongly tactical behavior of a contractual partner only lead to project success in rare cases.

We conduct contract analyses for crisis projects as a basis for out-of-court dispute resolution or as preparation for arbitration or court proceedings.