risk management workshops

risk management workshops

Centerline Management Consulting accompanies project teams during the implementation of a sound and detailed project risk analysis. The core of the project risk analysis is a risk management workshop over one or more days together with the project team or the whole project organization.

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There are different situations:

a) A project risk analysis together with the project team of an investor, in the course of an investment project (new investment, plant modification, construction project, etc.). Processes of the construction project and integration of the project risk analysis for the investor. In this case, the analysis has to be carried out BEFORE the project approval.

b) Project risk analysis together with the project team of a plant constructor, construction company or machine supplier for a concrete client order. Ideally already during the sales phase, but at the latest at the time of the project handover or start-up.

c) All the contracting parties carry out a joint project risk analysis of an investment project.

Generating a sound project risk analysis is a process that consists of several phases. Ideally, the project risk analysis is carried out before or at the time of the project start-up. At the end of the risk management, the aim is that:

  • all major project risks that may occur during the content-related process are known and assessed
  • there are concrete preventive and reactive measures for all major risks
  • persons responsible for all major risks are named
  • crisis potentials are identified
  • a risk controlling process is integrated into the project controlling process
  • next steps are defined

According to the complexity of the project and of the contract, the risk analysis takes one to three weeks; the consultation usually takes two to five days.

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We look forward to the joint risk analysis of your project!

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