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in-depth project analysis

In terms of carrying out sound project analyses, Centerline Management Consulting is one of the leading consulting companies in the German-speaking countries. We offer analyses of different levels and for different applications, ranging from quick quality checks to forensic analyses of crisis projects.

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quality check

  • We use this very compact project analysis to quickly evaluate if and to which extent internal PM rules are followed (e.g. in the form of PM policies).
  • A formal testing is done, similar to an ISO-audit: Thus it is possible to check even a high amount of projects very quickly.
  • The quality check is often the basis for deeper project reviews.


project review

  • Project reviews are our „classic“ project analyses. The mission is mainly to identify the project management’s quality, strengths and potential for improvement.
  • Project reviews can be carried out at all stages of the project. If it takes place in the first third of a project, most of the proposals can still be implemented very effectively in the respective project.
  • Project reviews which are carried out towards the end of a project focus on lessons learnt and on potentials or improvements for future projects.
  • In addition to that, also other relevant processes can optionally be analyzed.
Product development / product creation
Interfaces between engineering – purchasing – construction – installation – commissioning
Change Control Management
Claims and Contract Management


forensic project analyses

  • Forensic project analyses go even deeper; they analyze in detail the whole timeline of a project .
  • Thus, it is possible to check not only the quality of the PM, but also the causes and effects of significant events or decisions during the course of a project.
  • Forensic project analyses are often carried out in the last third of a project or after the end of the project.
  • Typical applications are
Preparation for legal or arbitration proceedings
Creation of decision criteria for owners or for the management board


site management review

  • The site management review has a similar structure to the project review, but it clearly focuses on the quality of the site management.
  • It also takes into account the interfaces to the upstream-processes sales – project start-up – engineering and purchasing. Thus, it clearly addresses potentials for improvements for ohter procect phases as well as at the beginning have nothing to do with site management.

more details on project analysis

For more in-depth forensic project analyses, you are at the right address with the experienced consultants of Centerline Management Consulting.

case study - project analysis

Project analyzes are often done when projects are already in trouble or even in crisis. Project analysis can illuminate the causes of difficult situations and assess the impact. The later in a project the analysis happens, the less are the possibilities of influence. The Project Managers of the Xajaburi project commissioned Centerline Management Consulting in a timely manner to analyze construction site management specifically and to propose concrete optimization potentials before the project entered the critical phase of the equipment assembly.

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