contract analysis

contract analysis by an external partner

Upon request, Centerline Management Consulting performs third-party analyses of contracts and examines the contract’s

  • strengths and weaknesses from the perspective of our client
  • effects
  • impacts, consedquences
  • potentials for improvement

A holistic contract analysis examines technical, commercial, legal, schedule-related and social aspects. For legal issues, we work together with recognized legal experts.

contract is analyzedc contract, magnifying glass and glasses lay on a contract


Identification of chances, risks and improvement potentials of contracts as a basis for

  • the further development of the contract
  • the management strategy
  • claim and change management strategies
  • lessons learnt for future projects
  • crisis management strategies

important contract analysis principles of Centerline Management Consulting

Ideally, our contract analysis is carried out during the sales phase of the plant builder.
(Purchasing phase from the point of view of the purchaser)

We analyze contracts from as many perspectives as possible. Therefore, we consider different disciplines as well as different contract partners. We analyze contracts also with regard to their social effects within the company and between the contract parties. Only if the contract largely considers the interests of all the contract parties in a fair manner, the basis of a successful project management is given. Unfair contracts or contract parties who behave too tactically shaped and selfish, only rarely lead to project success and in case of a failure, usually all the parties lose out. In case of crisis projects, we carry out contract analyses as a basis for extrajudicial dispute resolutions or as preparation for arbitrations or trials.

typical situations for a contract analysis

first option
Before a dispute resolution, the vendor and/or the client want(s) an independent expert’s view in order to analyze and verify his/their possible contract risks and opportunities as well as possible.

second option
Before signing, the vendor and/or the client want(s) an independent party to examine the contract and to point out improvement potentials for both sides.

third option
The vendor and/or the client want(s) an independent third party to analyze the contract in order to elaborate a viable management strategy.

Usually, Centerline’s contract analysis consists of several steps.
The aim is to have the following information available at the end of the process:

  • strengths and weaknesses of the contract from the view of the client or the vendor

…and, depending on the application

  • improvement potentials or management strategies ­­­
  • claim strategies
  • negotiation strategies

Depending on the extent and the complexity of the contract, the analysis takes one to six weeks; the consultation usually takes three to nine days.

Successful project management through contract analysis

Get to know the strengths and weaknesses of the contract and the possibilities for optimization through a comprehensive project analysis.