conflict management and mediation

conflict resolution

Conflicts are part of private and work life. Conflicts are often the starting point for a positive development and innovation in the company. But sometimes a conflict is serious and barely impossible to solve.

The consequences of unresolved conflicts affect the performance of people and organization. Communication and information exchange are declining, the achievement of goals in projects – which are already under time and cost pressure – is even more difficult. In such situations, a professional mediation can facilitate conflict resolution. A registered mediator with the Austrian Federal Ministry for Constitution, Reforms, Deregulation and Justice presides over the mediation.


Mediation is a conflict resolution procedure in which …

  • the conflict parties together with the mediator seek solutions to the conflict.
  • the solution is borne by all conflict parties.
  • the registered mediator leads the conflict resolution process and supports the conflict parties while clarification.
People discussing the resolution of a conflict

conflict management - mediation


In this module you will learn that conflicts are part of working life. Conflicts are often the starting point for a positive development as well as innovations in the company.

conflict management - workshop


In this module you will learn the theoretical basics of social conflicts and learn to improve their conflict behavior by means of concrete situations and case studies.

For a professional conflict mediation and individual conflict resolution by a registered mediator please contact us!